16 May 2016

A Quick Trip To Legoland, Johor Bahru

27 Mac 2016 - Ahad - 17 Jamadilakhir 1437H

Nak dijadikan cerita, Ministry Of Education (MOE) dengan kerjasama Legoland ada buat programmed called, "English Mania & Legoland Malaysia Resorts Education Programme (STEM)" sepanjang Mac lalu. Sebagai seorang 'ikan bilis' dalam kementerian itu, tidaklah ku tahu latar belakang kewujudan program tu. Isk! my random guess, basicly its a programme that will encourage primary students to learn in such a fun way. No idea what is the connection with "english"..Oops! Sempena program ni juga, Legoland bermurah hati untuk beri kemasukan percuma (read: free tickets) ke theme park dia. Yes, no water park but still freeeee kot? Hahaha Every MOE staff was eligible to redeem 4 tickets per person.

So, i secretly apply (yes, need to send an email for application and whatsoever) tapi pasrah je dan tak berani nak berharap lebih-lebih since the following weekend we, one whole family will go for a holiday trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. sure. money constraint. Anyhow, i did get a positive reply from Legoland. Waktu ni, dah berbelah-bahagi sikit, camna nak pujuk diorang ni oii.. Ha haa and i decided to go with my brother 's family since they are the one with kids in proper age for things like this (Danish, 6 & Sara, 3). Yang lain kecik lagi (Both are 1+ y/o), belum reti, kesian, nanti letih sesaje. along with my parents too. 

I managed to persuade them by telling that most of the expenses will be on me. Huhu and in order to save money, i booked a family room at Skudai Baru Hotel at RM80 per night, borrowing my sisters car (bigger than ours) to fit in all 7 of us, also prepared RM100 for gas and 'pau' my ayahs touch n go for toll.. Hehe.. isk nasib laa, oh familiku..im sorry, acu still can't afford to sponsor 100%.. And i did suggest to make that trip on Sunday - Monday (2D1N), dengan harapan tak ramai orang tapi tak ada maknanye. Huh...

Gerak dari Putrajaya seawal 5 pagi Ahad, dengan harapan sampai JB dalam pukul 8.30 pg, fresh-up & breakfast dan betul-betul waktu Legoland bukak, terus masuk. Heh time is money y'all. Sampai Legoland perlu tukarkan confirmation email tu kepada tiket. Unfortunately the line at ticket counter, fuhhh what a long way to go.. (T_T) Around 10.30am, finally get our tickets and inside we go! Ha ha ha

Dah namanya Legoland, haruslah budak-budak ni eksaited kan.. Huhu tambah-tambah si Danish, "acu, kita nak pergi Legoland kan..? Haa tu Danish dah nampak Legoland.. etc. etc." (^_^'') Hiks! here are some of the pictures..

Dalam keadaan cuaca yang panas, fuhh memang mencabar nak jalan-jalan plus with toddlers pulok.. Oh Malaysiaku.. ;)

Jalan punya jalan, main punya main, tau-tau hari dah lewat petang.. Isk isk patut la perut bagai bernyanyi riang. Maklum laa, quick escape.. so any expenses must be made wisely.. no proper lunch that day yea.. Hiks! Keluar dari Legoland terus check-in hotel dan cari makan malam. Last but not least, a must-have group photo before leaving...

So, thats it... Till then!

A little notes from the authors heart : 
I must've been blessed to have such a family. They keep supporting, being tolerant and giving me the opportunity to do something my way (of course, only if the decision do no harm to anyone huks). Less hanky-panky make everything turns out fine and smooth even it was a last-minute plan with a tight budget. Merci Me Familia!

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