08 September 2012

update in progress.....beep beep beep*

Eid mubarak peeps! may all your good deeds and kindness were count and get rewarded by Allah SWT. insyaAllah.. :) 
ok, mula2 gelak guling2 dulu bila baca tajuk, because.. typical me, update blog macam nak kena tunggu bulan mengambang.. (-_-") err, like always.. everything was inside my 'medulla oblongata' but can't reach out due to the lack of time.. heh 'very typical me'.. zzzzz anyway, i will find my time to update about few things which is :

Teater Kawan-Kawan Yang Kita Suka
Raya 2012
Guangzhou Trip

will do! but for the time being... i have to go to 'kenduri'... heeee~ so thats all for now! merci.. :(



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